Nenko Nikolov

Founder and CEO

Nenko has spent his entire life, even from childhood, living the world of water – the sea, rivers and lakes. He has close to 40 years’ experience above and below water, being involved with boating, marinas, construction, management and leading initiatives in numerous directions, always associated with water. His love for the water culminated with the launch of Home Afloat, a specialist company delivering floating structures for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. After all, ownership of real estate/land (for projects) is always so much more complex and difficult than simply using water as ”the land”.

As technologies advanced over the past decades, Nenko has been able to conceptualize and adapt multiple innovations to his world of floating structures, amongst them, floating vacation resorts including swimming pools, tennis courts and even a golf course, floating marinas, floating clinics, floating parking lots, floating desalination plants and power generating plants, floating restaurants, floating exhibition platforms, and the list goes on.

Nenko leads a varied consortium of specialty manufacturers with diverse expertise leading the way through planning and implementing amazing projects

Les Moskovitz

Lead EMEA Advisory

Marketing and trading across Europe, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Bespoke, holistic, strategy & management consulting with expertise in ESG, responsible tech-innovation and sustainability. 43 years of my working career operating within a deeply established network of ethical and honest people in numerous business and industry sectors, spanning 4 continents. Extensive hands-on experience, dealing with the day-to-day business matters covering so many countries and cultures, gives me the abilities to see through the “fog and smokescreens” and identify the genuine, intelligent opportunities associated with unique know-how and tech-innovations. Who can argue that genuine, ethical business thrives on live, healthy networking, on a daily basis? We offer the perfect business platform upon which we are able and geared to merge the value of tech-innovation companies with new market opportunities – all in order to make the world a better place.

Vladimir Martinov

Grown with Business and Hospitality

Vladimir Martinov is the Principal of Beehive Hospitality Ltd. and the CEO and Co-Founder of Upgrade Two Ltd. Vladimir is responsible for the development and delivery of the Hospitality Services Centre at Beehive – Staff Development, Technology, Hotel Processes as well as Consulting in Distribution and Profit Optimization. At Upgrade Two, he is at the forefront the software and the commercial development of the company. Vladimir is a board member of a selection of consulting and travel companies contributing to ther success with his vast experience in marketing & distribution with a distinguished focus on digitalisation. Vladimir is a graduate from the Bournemouth University (UK) with a BA (Honours) in Hospitality Management.