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April 3, 2018
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Floating Swimming Pool

Floating Olympic Swimming Complex

Floating Olympic Swimming Complex Swimming is one of most popular sports activities in the World. It is not only healthy but also is a great way to spend some time together with family and friends. Indeed it is a great way to combine the useful with the pleasant. Nowadays, when there is no practical solution in a crowded city for construction of public swimming pools, "Home Afloat Ltd." offers alternative solution - Floating Swimming Pools. Our services include engineering design, “turnkey” construction (under supervision of World’s leading classification societies), installation and maintenance of pools of various forms and sizes, from small local pools up to Olympic size ones. Floating Olympic Swimming Complex "Home Afloat Ltd." is connected to coast by access bridges. Electricity, water and sewerage can be supplied from the shore using an existing utility connection. Alternatively, a full autonomy of the structure can be provided. The swimming pool will be constructed as near as possible to the place of installation and then tugged away to the preferred location. The hydro-technical works are minimized to piling and possible dredging (in shallow depths). Floating pool is a unique opportunity to expand and develop the infrastructure of any city near water. It is also a great opportunity for hotels to expand and provide new services without the use of expensive land plot.

Floating Olympic Swimming Complex "Home Afloat Ltd."

1 x Olympic Pool - 50 m x 25 m

2 x Olympic Pool - 25 m x 25 m

2 x Children's pool - 10 m х 16 m

Parking for 600 cars

Yacht marine for 150 yachts